Our studio provides personalized architecture and design solutions to both individuals and companies that need:



Our expertise focuses on unique high-end projects for residential, hotel, and restaurant typologies that require a good design sensibility to guarantee a successful result.

We can guide our clients throughout the project process, from conceptualization, its development process, until the very last detail of its execution.

We have extensive local and international experience, and we design custom projects that are respectful  with the environment, unique, functional, welcoming and life-enhancing.

“Architecture is a matter of harmony, a pure creation of the spirit.”
(Le Corbusier)



We offer interior design services to both individuals and companies that are looking for stunning and harmonious  spaces, and that appreciate the added value that a good design can bring to their home, hotel or business.

We have extensive experience designing interiors for homes, villas, hotels and restaurants that enhance the users’ experience and that provide a cozy, well balanced,  and comfortable atmosphere.

We love designing spaces that blend interiors and exteriors seamlessly and honor nature.

“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatricality – that is what my luxury is all about.”
(Jean-Louis Deniot)



Furniture is a fundamental element in our projects and in the personalization of spaces. That is why we design custom-made furniture that is fully integrated into the space it needs to occupy.

We are interested in ergonomic, functional and timeless solutions, using natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Some of our designs have been awarded in the past, such as the Boomerang Armchair Collection, designed together with Quim Larrea, and the Les Fulles chair, a finalist in an international urban furniture  design competition organized by the Battery Park in New York.

“A chair is only finished when someone sits on it.”  (Hans J. Wegner)



We search for new materials, and utilize vernacular handcrafted solutions to fully integrate them in our projects, so that the chosen materiality can evoke emotion, provide functionality, and be fully integrated with the architecture and interior spaces.

Our services to architecture and interior design studios include a carefully curated palette of materials and finishes with the aesthetics, functionality, and integration to satisfy the concept needs; and thus be able to save on search and selection times.

We can create material libraries, develop finishing schedules, and mood boards.

“Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.” 
(Junichiro Tanizaki)



As Creative Directors we can guide our clients throughout the project process, from conceptualization to the last detail, where we have the skills to choose materials and finishes in tune with the overall concept of the project, design custom-made furniture, lighting, landscape, and also curate with a cultivated aesthetic criteria a delicate selection of FF&E in harmony with the project.

This service allows us to advise, supervise and filter the proposals of service providers that require an aesthetic and creative assessment, to ensure that their products and services are aligned with the overall creative strategy of the project.

“When we have an initial idea in our minds, we first sculpt it, and  then we solve it to make it a livable and exciting space, and pleasantly surprise the final user.”
(Katherine Bedwell)



Our extensive experience designing villas, 5* and 6* hotels and resorts, and restaurants that seek a differentiated trait in their design, has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge of resources to develop FF&E Spec Books that are aligned and in tune with the projects. 

We can prepare FF&E Specs, Cut Sheets, and Mood Boards to cohesively express the desired concept in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

“We love designing  creative solutions for places, spaces, and unique objects.”  
(Katherine Bedwell)



We provide technical and creative support to studios that need to partially or fully outsource a project in all phases. We are a key business partner, flexible, and a good team player. We meet delivery deadlines and adapt to previously established formats.


Our multicultural origin makes us a good brand ambassador for international projects, where we can contribute our expertise and empathy to connect with different cultures and ways of thinking.


We support firms that need the support and knowledge of a firm with international background, multilingual and with knowledge of the singularities and requirements of international projects, especially  those from North America, Asia and Middle East.