Bistro bar


Algiers, Algeria

Creative Director:
Katherine Bedwell

Erik Gutierrez Mora


Given the characteristics of the space and the commission, the intention of the project was to design a chic  bistro bar, with sober materials,  yet of timeless aesthetics. A place especially  made for diners to feel  warm and cozy, and with amazing views to the Mediterranean Sea.

The selection of a variety of materials such as walnut claddings, cement, metal meshes, and natural stones- in combination with some bold furniture pieces – allowed us to provide a relaxed rich ambience  to the space,  where we designed different welcoming ambiences: Banquette seating on both lateral walls, round tables in the middle, and a small bar located in the central space. A large custom-made bookshelf finished with a metal sheet in bronze tone, natural wood and black and white lacquered glazing, serves to filter the space between the bar and the dining area.  

Bistro Bar

  • Bistro Bar
  • Bistro Bar
  • Bistro Bar
  • Bistro Bar